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The key advantages of video advertising in 2021.

TriNet Studios - The key advantages of video advertising in 2021. Video advertising
Advantages of Video advertising

According to the research, 82% of people purchase items after watching the video. So if you do not implement a video advertising campaign in their marketing you will be left behind. Today we discuss reasons why we use video in their businesses.

Video attracts customers:

According to the research, your mark audience is watching video the benefits are:

  • 92% of people consume online videos
  • Every day almost 4 billion users watching videos
  • Only one-third of the people purchase products after watching videos.

Video ads increase conversion rate:

The world’s biggest online markets include Amazon and eBay report that adding video in the product description increases 35% of buying chances.

People share videos:

If any person views video ads and finds them interest or helpful it will share them on their social media. According to the research, almost 700 videos are shared by Twitter users every minute. This can help to increases your video exposure.


Video is used for informational and educating purposes:

The video uses audio and visual elements that make the video interesting. They are also used for product demonstrations or in how-to guides because people want to see how things work or want to learn new skills.

Search engine love video:

search engine companies give priority to video content search engine companies rank higher on the ranking which incorporates videos in their content. 

Publishing videos on social media or sharing different platforms hit your target audience very fast.

Videos tell your story in a better way:

Video is the best source of telling your story more efficiently. You make a more perfect relationship with your audience by using sight and sound the help you connecting viewer’s emotions to your product or service.


If these advantages of video advertising do not motivate you here is one more reason because your goal is distributing videos and capturing the attention of your viewers into customers. So if you want to create an attractive video for your product or services visit our website or contact us through email.


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