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How to start your own video production company?

how to start your own video production company

Every filmmaker has a dream to build their own video production company. The goal is to make the production company consume your resources (post suites, camera, lighting, and sound gear, and best of all, professional relationships) to support doing your creative work.

Today we discuss how to build a video production company from scratch.

What is a production company?

The company that has made video content like explainer, animated, corporate, commercial video is a production company. Production companies are of two types: First, these companies produce themselves using their creativity, and second, those who hire someone who is physically involved in the development process.

These are things you need to set up before starting a company.


One helpful thing when thinking about building up your company is identifying and defining your niche. Like it or not, most careers thrive in one niche, So first decide your niche and then start building a company.


Company Name:

Your company’s name is the first identity of your business, so be creative in choosing a company name. Choose those Name which is not already taken. Apply for a trademark after choosing Name.


Hire a web designer to design a simple but informative website. Production company websites are often simpler than you think. Your contact information and a few examples of your work will suffice. While it is important to maintain a presence on social media, you may not need to hire someone to manage your pages until your company grows.


At the point when you start a shop and choose to have an actual area for your business, you will then, at that point, need likewise to ponder the workplace materials that are fundamental for your business.

Few things you need to buy:

· Investment for office redesign

· Tables for office

· computers

· software buying

· Other necessary things

Video equipment:

The equipment most important part of it. It would be best to have the following equipment when you set up your own video production company.

· A good quality camera

· A working computer

· video editing software. (If you are using Windows Premiere Pro, After effect and Devinch or for MAC Final cut pro)

Incorporate your business:

The best answer is to research the rules of your county, state, or country to see what makes the most sense for you. An accountant is always worth the money since business taxes get complicated, and your accountant will also have an opinion on this issue. What form do you take aside, you have to incorporate to launch a production company. Personal expenses come from your account, business expenses from the business account. Running a business through your account is messy and will lead to problems later.


Starting a video production company, you need Financial support. Because you don’t know how much money is used for every project you made. You need money to pay your office rent and bills employee’s payments and other related stuff. So Capital is important in every business.

Social Media Present:

Social media presence is very important because it will build trust in our clients and also it is beneficial for a business to have its own social media presence.


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