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Refund Policy

Your satisfaction as a valued customer of TriNet Studios is of paramount importance to us. This Refund Policy is thoughtfully crafted to ensure fairness and transparency in addressing refund requests. We deeply appreciate the trust you have placed in our services and products.
  • Introduction
  • At TriNet Studios, our unwavering commitment is to provide top-tier services and products. We acknowledge that there may be circumstances under which you may seek a refund. This Refund Policy meticulously outlines our refund procedures and the conditions governing the issuance of refunds.
    1. Eligibility for Refund
    Refund eligibility varies contingent on the nature of the service or product procured from TriNet Studios. Please consult the relevant section below that corresponds to your purchase: 2.1. Services
    1. Digital Services (e.g., Video Production, Graphic Design): Refunds for digital services are generally not provided once the service has commenced or the work has initiated. Should you harbor any concerns regarding the service you have received, kindly reach out to us, and we shall diligently collaborate with you to resolve any issues.
    2. Subscription Services (e.g., Monthly Membership): Subscription services may qualify for a refund within a stipulated timeframe, typically during the initial 30 days of the subscription period. Beyond this duration, refunds will not be processed; however, you retain the option to cancel your subscription for forthcoming billing cycles.
    3. Payment Charging Policy
    4. Upfront Invoicing Amount: Prior to the initiation of any work, an upfront payment of 50% will be invoiced.
    5. Remaining Balance: The remaining balance shall be invoiced upon the successful completion of the undertaken work.
    6. Refund Process
    To initiate a refund request, please liaise with our dedicated customer support team at TriNet Studios. Kindly furnish them with your order particulars and a succinct explanation for your refund requisition. Upon receipt of your request, we will meticulously review it to ascertain whether it aligns with the criteria delineated in this policy. A response detailing our determination will be conveyed within [15] days. If your refund request is sanctioned:
    • For digital services: The refund will be processed to the original payment method employed for the purchase.
    • For subscription services: Future billing will be terminated, and a refund will be issued for any unutilized portion of your subscription.
    For physical products, guidance on product return will be supplied, and once the returned item is received and inspected, a refund will be promptly processed.
    1. Cancellation and Rejection Policy
    4.1. Cancellation After Commencement: In cases where work has already commenced on your requested service or product, and you opt to cancel, a 50% cancellation fee will be levied on the invoiced amount. 4.2. Rejection After Completion: In the event that you decide to reject the delivered work following its successful completion, a 50% deduction from the invoiced amount will be applied.
    1. Contact Us
    For inquiries, concerns, or assistance with a refund request, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer support team at:
    1. Changes to this Refund Policy
    TriNet Studios retains the prerogative to amend or update this Refund Policy as necessary. Any revisions will be promptly posted on this page alongside an updated effective date.