Video marketing can benefit businesses by helping to attract and engage potential customers. Video content is often more engaging than text or images and can be a powerful way to build a connection with the audience. Video marketing can also help to increase brand awareness and can be a cost-effective way to reach a large audience.

  1. Choose the video package right for you.

Choose a suitable package that is related to your requirements. You can also go through the video example, which helps you select those packages related to your category.

  1. Fill out our client questionnaire with all the details of your product/service.

After selecting the video package, you will redirect to the questionnaire form. If you want to create a video of your product, you have to write everything about your product. If you have a video or pictures of your product, please attach this. If you want us to photoshoot your product, please ship your product to our studio. If you want a video of your service, fill the form and explain everything about your service. With the help of this, we can create the best Video for you.

  1. Finally, ship your product to our studio & once we receive your product, we will complete your Video within 15-30 business days (or less).

When we receive your product shipment, you will automatically receive an email about your product. Then we will write scripting, producing, and editing your video. If you want updates on your project, email us.

Stock footage are like a b-roll content of video. Stock footages is a better way to tell your story more effectively. This type of video less than 1 minutes. If you want to make your video using stock footage, we will do that, but you only need to describe the product or service. But if you’re going to create a video of your product without using stock footage, please ship your product to our studio address. If you do not want to send your product, take pictures, make a video, and email us.

Yes, we provide animation videos like 2d animation and whiteboard.

Yes! We still produce videos in covid-19. Here in our office, we strictly follow the covid-19 safety measurements.

We offer different e-commerce and social media ads for your business. We currently providing four other video packages select those who fits on your need.

If you want to order custom video packages, not on our website, please email us at trinetstudios1@gmail.com or book a call with us.

Our regular delivery time is 8 to 10 days for video ads that don’t include shooting. For shooting videos, it can take around 10 to 20 business days.


Depending upon orders in the queue and video type, it would be around 3 to 5 days for shooting videos. It can be approximately ten days.

Yes! We do everything from start to end, like Video Conception, scriptwriting, production, and editing. Our talented scriptwriter writes a fantastic script for your Video that perfectly describes your product/service characteristics.

Yes! But it would charge it extra depending upon work.

Yes! But It would be charged extra depending upon work.

If your product requires an outside shoot from our studio, we can do that, but additional charges are applied. Would you please email us and suggest the location you want to shoot?

Yes! We provide videos translation in every language, but it may charge extra.

Yes! We produce Kickstarter videos, but this is the custom package not listed on our pricing page. If you want to create Kickstarter videos, email us with your requirements.

Yes, you can give suggestions for your Video. We will do our best to meet your needs!

Yes! We offer a discount but in that case, if you order in bulk. Email us if you have a bulk order.

At TriNet studios, we can give importance to the client’s satisfaction and provide the best experience. We Offer Unlimited Revisions it means we will work with you until you get delighted with our work.

Video length will range from 30 to 90 seconds, depending on the video packages. If your video length is 90 seconds above, email us we will discuss this.

Definitely! We can edit your raw footage and add the taste of TriNet Studios. Click here to access this service.

Yes! When you receive your Video, you can own their copyrights. Premium files are an additional fee.

Upon purchasing, we will hold your Video Credit for 90 Days. If it exceeds that period, we will contact you.

Yes! We will send your product back to your address, but it requires shipment charges payable from you.

We are closed on Sundays and specific public holidays.

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