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“The Best Social Media ads are amazing and they have increased the sales massively.”



Foot’e approached us in December 2020 to make their products outrun other competitors on
Amazon. They worked with us on multiple projects and purchased different packages from us including:

  • 1x Product Demo Video
  • 1x Social Media Ad

Total Assets: 02


Foot’e decided to go with these different creative choices because they wanted to understand the different variations of the ads to find one result producing combination.


After trying multiple formats,  Foot’e were able to find a viral creative to increase the sales in 2+ months.


Their Approach

They were trying to get together their company image by using all assets and options but didn’t found much success, then they realized that there has to be a better and creative way, which they found was "Video Advertisement".

Their Need

They wanted to have a skillful and creative team that understood their project, application features and the aim of the company by having deep analysis and one on one conversations about the advantages of the application which could help them to communicate in a better way.

Target Audience Pain Point

During the covid-19, many companies had to cut short their marketing campaigns due to the lockdowns. As a result, companies started to lose their market reputation in front of their target audience which resulted in revenue loss.
Safe4R also suffered this setback but after having a healthy conversation with TriNet studios, they found out that video advertising is the best way to market their campaign and spread their message.
Their main target were those people who couldn’t take any action in the times of crisis or emergency. This product was aimed towards improving the security and safety of the people. People started getting interested in this product because it was providing safety.

Our Solution

After making a deep research on the requirement and making detailed product analysis. We started to create content that was directly speaking on behalf of the product. After gathering all the required information and video content we created a scroll stopping commercial video for safe4R which made their product viral and produced many positive results.
We kept on working with safe4R and produce content for them. After a month of successful outcome from their first experience, they approached us again to buy different packages from us including Mobile app promos, Facebook promos and product review.
As a result, safe4R were able to promote their application features along with their safety, rescue and retrieval packages which created a huge amount of revenue for them.
We wanted to raise all the issues that could be resolved by this product in our creative ad. These kind of products can be tricky but we were able to communicate key benefits that people care about which ultimately started improving the image of the company and the product sale.


All Case Study Stats & Content Are Property of FOOT'E.


Period: September 1- December 31, 2020
Total Orders: 1000
Est. income: $20,970


Period: January 1-February 28, 2021
Total Orders: 10,000+
Est. Income: $90,800

TriNet Studios Commercial Video Editing Service


Period: January 1 - February 28, 2021







FOOT'E improved their ROAS by 69% by working with TriNet Studios on their Product Demo Video and Social Media Creative.

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